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GillianI’m Gillian and this blog is my diary as an independent garden visitor. It is my personal view of some of the most beautiful gardens in the UK.

I am always amazed at how excited I get as soon as I start planning my next garden visit. There’s something magical about being allowed in to view a garden that someone else has lovingly created. It feels like a treat… especially if there’s coffee and cake and plants for sale too!

  • I love gardening, growing plants and watching all the wild birds and small creatures that gardens attract.
  • I love to see how others design and tend their gardens.
  • I love to share what I’ve seen by passing on tips & ideas.

Many of the gardens featured here are large and have teams of gardeners to tend to the lawns, borders and hedges all year round. Don’t let that put you off! Most of us don’t have help in our gardens. I have picked out some ideas that are quick to implement and easy to maintain that we can all try out at home.

I hope you find something interesting and inspiring here that will help you plan your garden visits and give you some ideas for your own garden.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment and ask questions.

I hope to see you again soon    Gillian 😉

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