Hello and welcome to Garden Visitor.

I’m Gillian and this is my view of some of the most beautiful gardens in the UK…

There’s something about visiting a beautiful garden that makes me tingle. I love the sense of anticipation on arrival, the beautiful blooms and the delicate scent in the air. I love looking at the detail of each plant and the wide vistas through the garden to the landscape beyond. I love a good tea shop, book store and plant centre. I love soaking up the atmosphere. For me it’s the whole experience rolled into one squishy delicious sunny afternoon that makes a garden visit to remember.

This is my personal view of visits I have made to some really Great British Gardens. So what do my reviews include? As an independent garden visitor I offer my opinion about the garden design, planting combinations and features within each garden.
To demonstrate points made and to help clarify my views of why the garden is a success I include my own photographs taken on the day.

If you are looking for inspiration for your own garden you may find it here. Each garden review includes the top things to look out for, some good ideas to try at home in your own garden and any new developments such as changes to the garden. 

Beyond the scope of Garden Visitor.There are many garden guidebooks which provide factual information about opening times, access and facilities. The information they have is way beyond the scope of this website. For opening times please see the garden website. Links will be provided where possible.

Unkind criticism is not a feature of Garden Visitor.
If you have ever owned a garden you will know that there are times when parts of your garden look decidedly shabby. Large gardens in particular often have areas that peak in certain seasons. For instance woodland gardens look brilliant each spring then it’s downhill until the following year. There is nothing to be gained by moaning and whining about this. So I won’t do it!

Garden Photographs. All the photos on this website are my own and were taken by me. All rights reserved. Please do not copy them.

Free Flower Photos.
If you are an artist or need flower photos for a craft project I recommend you have a look at Country GardenUK where Free Flower photos available for you to download now.

Anemone coronaria

This blog is an account of my visits to our glorious gardens.
Please note that these garden reviews are my opinion which may not match yours… and that’s fine. We all experience gardens in different ways depending on the timing of the visit, how the garden looked on the day, the weather and even our frame of mind. I always try to be objective but like most people I respond emotionally to gardens and often it’s how the garden made me feel that seems to matter most of all.

If  you love visiting gardens too then I hope that you enjoy reading my reviews. Please let me know what you think. I’d appreciate your thoughts and comments and I will try to answer all your questions.

Thanks for visiting.


Hope to see you again soon.    Gillian 😉

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